Subregional Programs

Subregional Studies Program

The Subregional Studies Program provides two-year grants on a competitive annual basis to the 13 counties and two cities represented on the NJTPA Board.

The program is designed to help NJTPA Subregions develop recommendations for transportation improvements consistent with the NJTPA’s long range transportation plan and the goals of the Together North Jersey’s Regional Plan. Ultimately, the program aims to generate project concepts ready for further development or implementation consistent with regional planning goals.

Active Studies

  • City of Jersey City Parking Management Plan
    The goal of this study is to optimize the use of current parking supply and
    identify parking management strategies to inform zoning and policy
    regulations for future development.
  • Comprehensive Freight Related Transportation Study in Western Monmouth County and Southern Mercer Co
    As Monmouth County enters an era of redevelopment, revitalization, and rediscovery with the recent adoption of the Monmouth County Master Plan, it is crucial now to address critical capacity issues for freight routes to ensure freight related transportation is safely and efficiently interacting with local automobile traffic.
  • Newark Downtown Circulation Study
    The Newark Downtown Circulation Improvements Study will collect and analyze data on pedestrian, bicycle, motor vehicle, bus, freight, and parking volume. Major roadways, intersections, and regional connections identified below will all be analyzed as well as Penn Station circulation.
  • Ocean County Bicycle and Pedestrian Linkages from the Barnegat Branch Trail, Northern Section
    The Barnegat Branch Trail parallels the high traffic Route 9 and Route 166 state highways which do not provide for adequate bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The connections that can be made by this trail allow for alternative modes of transportation, which is available to a broader range of users, while increasing safety to these users.
  • Paterson - Newark Transit Market Study
    The goal of the study is to produce a market study that identifies potential ridership, capacity, routing, stations, bus vehicle access points, and layover areas for a dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line along the Newark Industrial Track Right of Way (ROW) between Passaic and Essex Counties from the Cities of Paterson and Clifton to the north and ending in the vicinity of the Broad Street Station of the Newark Light Rail.
  • The John F. Kennedy Boulevard Corridor Study – Hudson County
    This study will identify both physical and policy-based solutions for safer, viable streets for particular intersections of concern along the JFK Boulevard corridor.
  • The Somerset County Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities and Trails Plan
    Somerset County, with a growing diverse population and changing employment opportunities, has a great need for better connected destinations and additional mobility choices by improving the existing bicycle, pedestrian and trails infrastructure to better connect priority destinations.

Completed/Archived Studies