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Tools Overview

The NJTPA has developed a number of tools and applications that support its core mission. They include innovative uses of geographical information systems (GIS), mobile technology, transportation models, data visualizations and more. These tools support NJTPA planning activities and the work of partners, including analysis, outreach and visioning that shapes the NJTPA Regional Transportation Plan.

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The NJTPA Freight Forecasting Tool (FFT) is an interactive microsoft Excel-based forecasting tool that allows the user to test various economic scenarios as well as calculate the specific impacts of economic or transportation drivers.

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A web tool has been developed to assist county and municipal planners in obtaining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for their respective jurisdictions.

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NJTPA Online Transportation Information System (NOTIS) is an interactive tool that allows you to explore how your state and federal tax dollars are being invested to improve the transportation system.

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The NJTPA Open Data Portal is the central data repository for publically available geospatial data.

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The NJTPA Planning Visualization Tools, or "ViZtools," illustrates how a wide range of factors relate to the multiple facets of regional planning.

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The NJTPA County Profiles App is an interactive tool to help residents of northern New Jersey better understand key factors that influence transportation and quality of life in their county and in the region overall.

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The NJTPA Freight Activity Locator is a web-based application that provides an overview of goods movement activity in the NJTPA region


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Search through hundreds of specific tools and approaches for conducting public engagement.


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In an effort to provide the traveling public with timely and accurate information about transportation mode choices, particularly “shared-ride” alternatives to driving alone, the NJTPA developed a data model and workflow for creating, publishing and maintaining a General Transit Feed Specification(GTFS).

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PRIME is an interactive online database that puts the findings of past planning studies at your fingertips, letting you find studies, identified needs, and recommendations relevant to your own work. Users can search by category or geographic location via drop-down menus or a map interface. PRIME helps users see how studies by various agencies are connected and supports collaboration in planning and advancing projects.

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