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Staff Directory

Main Telephone Number: 973-639-8400

Please call the front desk to be connected with staff members below.

PLEASE NOTE: As a transportation planning agency, the NJTPA does not operate or maintain roads, buses, trains, etc. You may wish to contact NJ TRANSIT, the NJ Department of Transportation, the NJ Turnpike Authority, or the appropriate local government for assistance with any such issues.


Mary D. Ameen
Executive Director
David Behrend
Deputy Executive Director
Angelitta Young
Senior Director, Finance & Administration
Beth Johnson
Senior Director, Information Systems
Senior Director, Planning

Analytical and Planning Tools

Senior Manager, Analytical and Planning Tools

Manager, Planning for Operations

Manager, Air Quality/Conformity

Principal Planner, GIS and Planning Tools

Capital Programming Tools

Senior Manager, Capital Programming

Manager, TIP Project Information

Manager, Database Development

Special Projects Manager, Part-Time

Project Manager, Part-Time

Communications & Public Affairs

Directer, Communications and Public Affairs

Principal Planner, Administrator, Committee Meetings and Web Content

Senior Graphic Designer

Communications Specialist, Part-Time

Videographer, Part-Time

Environmental and Sustainability Planning

Director, Environmental and Sustainability Planning

Manager, Sustainability and Plan Development

Principal Planner, Environmental Planning

Principal Planner, TMA & Mobility Programs

Finance & Administration

Senior Manager, Finance and Administration

Manager, Special Programs Accounts

Manager, Grants Compliance

Office Manager

Grants Specialist

Administrative Coordinator

Office Coordinator

Administrative Assistant, Part-Time

ERP Project Manager, Part-Time

Accounts Payable Clerk - Part-Time

Freight Planning

Director, Freight Planning

Manager, Freight Planning

Principal Planner, Freight Planning

Assistant Planner, Part-Time

Information Technology

Director, Information Technology

Manager, Information Systems Architect

Principal Planner, Help Desk and Support

Manager, Database and Application Development

ERP Project Manager, Part-Time

Local Project Development

Director, Local Project Development

Manager, Safety Programs

Principal Planner, Local Programs

Principal Planner, Safety Programs

Principal Planner, Project Lead

Long Range Transportation Planning

Director, Long Range Transportation Planning

Principal Planner, Subregional Planning Studies

Principal Planner, Safety Planning

Principal Planner, Corridor Studies

Senior Planner, Subregional Support

Assistant Planner, Part-Time


Senior Manager, Public Outreach

Manager, External Affairs

Senior Planner, Safety

System Planning, Data and Forecasting

Director, Systems Planning, Data and Forecasting

Manager, Performance Analysis and Planning

Manager, Modeling

Manager, Data Analysis and Forecasting

Senior Planner, Performance Analysis and Planning